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Northland Newton Site Design Awarded 2023 BE+ Green Building Showcase Award

Northland Newton Development is an innovative national model of sustainability, affordable housing, transit demand management, historic preservation, open space, master planning, and community amenities. This 22-acre mixed-use development introduces 10 acres of public open space and parks and 1.5 acres of green roofs and amenity decks; transforming a classic New England strip mall and its associated sea of parking into a lively neighborhood interconnected with open green spaces that will serve residents and employees living and working in the neighborhood, as well as visitors from the surrounding area.

Inviting plazas emerge from lush, planted areas, as if they had always been there. The design for each space was inspired by historic and natural site features and together creates a vibrant, desirable, and walkable community. A nuanced yet cohesive native planting palette provides visual interest seasonally as well as significantly improving the existing ecology and contribute to the regional ecosystem.

The judges commented, “This project has been awarded the top honor in the Site and Landscape category for its unwavering commitment to design excellence, seamlessly bridging the worlds of architecture and nature to foster genuine ecological harmony, all while fostering substantial positive social and environmental benefits. A cornerstone of this project’s success lies in its key strategies, which encompass the careful design and masterful implementation of green roofs, amenity decks, and plazas. These elements have been meticulously crafted to not only nurture a sense of community but also to pay tribute to the site’s rich historical and natural heritage. This thoughtful choice is poised to yield a healthier and safer space, ensuring the well-being of both present and future generations.”

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Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting is WBE!

Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting is now formally recognized as a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE)! We’ve restructured over the past year to bring new opportunities for leadership, and Julie Rose will act as the new president along with fellow leaders Josh Feinstein, Reiko Kagawa, and Ben Strauss. This turning point will enable us to offer our lighting expertise while striving to create a more equitable and just industry. 

In addition to becoming a WBE, earlier this year we established studios in Providence, RI and Washington DC and have begun exciting new collaborations in the process.  

While our office and reach have grown a bit, our values are still the same. We continue to build a practice that holds true to our core values. We are seeing our influence in sustainability and material transparency echo through the industry as many manufacturers commit to increasing efforts to build more sustainable products. 

All the best,

Julie, Josh, Reiko, and Ben

Presented by the Lighting Controls Association and supported by the National Association of Innovation Lighting Distributors, the Lighting Controls Podcast interviews Jennifer Bean, a Senior Lighting Designer and Controls Specialist at Sladen Feinstein Integrated lighting and learns more about her approach to projects. "You have to get into the weeds, lighting controls are so complicated now and there is so much coordination that needs to happen. The lighting designers, the controls specialists and the engineers all need to work together." To watch/listen to the episode click here.

Get a Grip on Lighting a Podcast hosted by Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich and sponsored by National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors interview Melissa Mattes and Brian Huff and discuss lighting design and sustainability. “Leave the earth better than how we found it.” That’s Melissa’s definition of sustainable. Of course she agrees that it is more complicated than that when it comes to the lighting industry. Melissa divides her time between architectural lighting design and sustainable manufacturing consulting. As the leader of Sladen Feinstein’s sustainability efforts. To watch/listen to the full episode click here.

Lowery Student Center Opens to Campus Community

The College of Wooster celebrated the successful completion of the Lowry Center’s transformation with a formal ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony on Feb. 25th 2023. “Lowry Center is the heart of our campus. It’s the one place where every student goes every day, and it plays a central role in the learning they do on campus by living, leading and spending time together,” said Former President Sarah Bolton. For more information on this renovation and expansion click here.

SFIL Is Expanding Its East Coast Presence

We are excited to announce the opening of two new studio locations: Providence, RI & Washington DC.

Our Providence Studio will be led by Principal, Julie Rose, a long-time resident of Rhode Island who designed the lighting for the renovation and restoration of Bank Newport's Flagship branch and is currently working on the renovation of an historic firehouse, both in the Historic District of Newport. Julie is excited by the innovation taking place in Providence and is looking forward to participating in the redevelopment of the city. Our DC Studio will be led by Associate, Allie Steimel who has a decade of design experience in the Washington Metropolitan Area including lighting renovations for the Washington DC Metro and a lighting Master Plan for Port Covington in Baltimore.

Both studios will continue the firm's mission of creating innovative and sustainable lighting design solutions for our clients, while meeting the functional needs of the end-user. We look forward to developing new client relationships and expanding existing ones in both markets. 

Meet the Women Behind the Lighting Advocacy Letter

We think women working together will change the world – and the work Alex, Reiko, Melissa, Margie, and Sarah are putting into sustainability may also help save it. As an industry, we have made a significant impact on energy consumption through the shift to predominantly LED specification. But sustainability goes well beyond this and the lighting community has an obligation to understand how else we can improve our impact on the environment. We fully support the conversation mindful Materials is driving. Learn more below about the amazing women leading the charge! Find out more information on the letter, its progress and how you can help. Click here.

Takeda Unveils Newly Renovated Building at 500 Kendall Street

SFIL collaborated with SMMA on the renovation of the former Genzyme Center at 500 Kendall Street in Cambridge, MA to serve as the centerpiece of Takeda’s interconnected network of buildings across our three main campuses in Massachusetts. As the first LEED Platinum office building of its size in the United States, 500 Kendall was significantly updated to improve the building's efficiency and is seeking additional LEED certification for this interior renovation as well as Fitwel 3 Star certification for its focus on occupant wellness.

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For a video on the virtual unveiling click here.

The UMASS Amherst Arts Bridge: Project Spotlight

In 2020, the university undertook a $12.57 million renovation project on the fourth floor of the Bromery Center to transform the bridge of the center into a makerspace for the departments of art, music and dance, and theater. The multidisciplinary space includes a design studio, theater rehearsal studio, costume shop, music education classroom, music seminar room, recording studio, and newly designed spaces for animation and art classes and a computer lab.

“These state-of-the art facilities encourage emerging student artists as they hone their craft and practice, and support faculty as they conduct cutting-edge research and creative production,” Subbaswamy said. “Today, with the opening of the Arts Bridge, we are reaffirming our legacy of making the arts inclusive and accessible.”

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The Competitive Edge with Montel Williams Featuring SFIL!

Melissa Mattes from Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting and Aaron Smith of Finelite were interviewed by Montel Williams for his new show, "The Competitive Edge with Montel Williams." This program aired on Lifetime in July 2022 and featured the two experts discussing material transparency, sustainable lighting solutions and what gives our firms the competitive edge.

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The Architect's Newspaper: Best of Design Awards 2021

Three SFIL projects received honorable mention awards in this year's AN (Architect's Newspaper) Best of Design Awards:

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Lighting for Life Sciences: A Designer’s Perspective

By Kranti Sala, WELL AP, LEED Green Associate

A well-designed lighting strategy in spaces that support the life sciences, including labs, R&D facilities, and offices, can harmoniously support the occupants’ needs while enhancing the architectural design. Lab spaces are constantly evolving and increasing at an astounding rate, particular in the Boston/Cambridge and surrounding areas. Boston has become the national capital of the life sciences industry forecasting nearly 10 million square feet of office and industrial space in Greater Boston being converted into labs and the addition of 40,000 jobs through 2024. This growing industry has attracted more than $7 billion into the local economy and included nearly 5.8 million square feet of construction in 2020-21. 

Many of these lab spaces are trending from traditional design models to flexible and collaborative environments. These modern labs are in high demand at both academic institutions and corporate facilities and spearhead a variety of experiments comfortably and efficiently. Often, these projects must meet elevated sustainability goals because of their high energy consumption and be accommodating to their occupants.  Lighting designers need to focus on how to support flexible lab configurations and be mindful of how the spaces are going to be used. The lighting design approach for these spaces requires a certain perspective and knowledge base to address these multi-layered challenges holistically.

Harvard Divinity School Swartz Hall Renovation & Expansion: An Architectural View

“The collective ABA team proved to be very talented and able to successfully meet the frequent challenges the project presented,” notes Ralph de Florio, Director of Operations for the duration of the project. “Ann Beha Architects was the right architectural firm for this project and the school will benefit from their work on this project for many decades to come.”

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Supply chain transparency was virtually unknown 16 years ago, yet these days it commands attention across a broad spectrum of industries. Hear from Reiko Kagawa and Melissa Matts along with Jane W., Karen Jess-Lindsley, and Jonathan Penndorf as they dive into the topic of sustainability and transparency in the lighting industry.

To listen click here catches up with Melissa Mattes to discuss the importance of material transparency for lighting products and the steps that some leading manufacturers are taking to support the initiative.

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Lowell Justice Center Receives a 2021 National Grid/Eversource Energy Optimization Award

The Lowell Justice Center is featured in Bulit Environment Plus' 2021 Green Building Showcase and received this year's National Grid/Eversource Energy Optimization Award!

Located within the Lowell National Historic Park, the Lowell Justice Center forms the cornerstone of Lowell’s Hamilton Canal District development master plan. The project originally began with a certifiable building study and was the largest of three pilot studies for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)s ZNE initiatives. A goal in the design of this 265,000 SF courthouse was to maximize energy efficiency. Building systems and controls, glazing, and highly insulated walls are among many of the design features specified to achieve performance targets 40% better than code and its LEED Platinum certification. The building contains a chilled beam HVAC system, photovoltaic panels, and a sophisticated building envelope as well as abundant natural light throughout. The Center was designed in orientation to the site, with many special landscaping features incorporated on the former brownfield site, such as the use of native plants requiring no irrigation and a post-development site runoff reduction of 40%. Approximately 65% of the occupied floor area offers direct views to the outdoors. Water use reduction is 35% and energy use savings are approximately 58%. The Lowell Justice Center is the first courthouse in Massachusetts and first state courthouse in the country to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

For more information on this project and other projects featuredin the Building Showcase click here.

Seeking Material Transparency, LD+A Magazine, Oct. 2021

Written by, Melissa Mattes

The architectural industry has made significant strides in the last five to 10 years in its sustainable offerings of products, building practices, cleaner materials and regenerative ideals. But where does this leave the lighting industry? By comparison, we are behind the rapidly expanding sustainable advancements of the larger built environment. While we are all familiar with discussing targets related to energy efficiency, we rarely have a larger discussion of holistic project goals, encompassing topics like materiality ideals across the entire architectural, engineering and consultant team. “Material transparency” is a key part of the conversation when making informed decisions about the products we specify, and their impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, health and well-being.

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Lowell Justice Center Received LEED Platinum

The new Lowell Justice Center, designed by Finegold Alexander Architects has achieved LEED-Platinum certification, the first new state courthouse to achieve this certification in the United States. The project was recently featured in New England Real Estate Journal. 

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Boston Preservation Alliance Honors Two SFIL Projects!

Two of our projects received 2021 Preservation Achievement Award from the Boston Preservation Alliance: The Roxbury Branch Library designed by Utile and the The Overlook At St. Gabriel's designed by Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc.! Each year the Boston Preservation Alliance presents the Preservation Achievement Awards to recognize a group of exemplary historic preservation projects or activities in Boston. The Alliance honors outstanding preservation projects of all scales and representing all time periods, including the 20th century.

For more information on the 33rd annual preservation awards program and winning projects click here

Material Transparency within the Lighting Design Community in High Profile Monthly

Material Transparency within the Lighting Design Community
A Contributor piece by Josh Feinstein and Melissa Mattes

The architectural industry has made big strides in the last 5-10 years in its sustainable offerings of products, building practices, cleaner materials, and regenerative ideals.  But where does this leave the lighting industry?  By comparison, we are lagging behind the rapidly expanding sustainable advancements of the larger built environment.  While some may argue the reductions in operational carbon with LED technology, we must pause and ask ourselves, “Is better efficiency and lower wattage enough?”  While we can boast high efficacy, have we considered the embodied carbon of our fixtures, or essentially where our luminaires come from, what are they made of, and where they go at the end of their life?

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Roxbury Branch Library Awarded a 2021 AIA/ALA Library Building Award!

The Roxbury Branch Library, part of the Boston Public Library System and designed by Utile has been awarded a prestigious AIA/ALA Library Building Award. Every year the American Institute of Architects partners with the American Library Association /Library Leadership and Management Association to honor the best in library architecture and design. "No longer a drab and imposing bunker, the Roxbury Branch fully engages the community it serves. The new library's transparency, warmth, and accessibility now reveal the vibrancy that always existed inside the previous facility, from its lively chess scene to the regular concerts held in its community room."

For more information on the project and the awards program click here

Preservation Massachusetts’ Honors two SFIL Projects!

May is preservation month and this year we have two projects that have been honored by Preservation Massachusetts! The first is the Oliver Wendall Holmes Library at Phillips Academy, Andover in Andover, MA. This project was designed by Ann Beha Architects and is the recipient of the 2021 Robert H. Kuehn, Jr. Award. This award recognizes extraordinary projects that meld collaborative partnerships with creative and cutting-edge ideas for the rehabilitation and active reuse of historic buildings. The second is the Overlook at St. Gabriel’s in Brighton, MA. This project was designed by Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype and is the recipient of the 2021 May Thomas M. Menino Legacy Award. This award celebrates projects that are transformative, catalytic, embrace the community, create partnerships, and revitalize the best of the past to make something food for the future. Both these projects are also up for the 2021 People’s Preservation Choice Award!

Welcome Peter Wright, Our Newest Lighting Designer

Join us in welcoming Peter Wright, the newest Lighting Designer to join the Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting team!

Peter comes to SFIL with experience in lighting commercial offices, sports venues and public transportation projects among other space types. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder where he studied lighting and electrical systems. His educational background and industry experience bring a combination of the technical and artistic elements of lighting to our firm.

Virtual Tour of the Roxbury Branch Library

We are thrilled to share this virtual tour of the newly renovated Roxbury Branch Library part of the Boston Public Library system. This new library was designed by Utile and is the recipient of a 2021 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards!

Melissa Mattes Promoted to Senior Lighting Designer

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Melissa Mattes, our firm’s sustainability liaison, to Senior Lighting Designer! Melissa has been with the firm since 2015 and leads many of our award-winning residential, mixed use and corporate projects. She is a Living Future Ambassador, LEED Green Associate and an advisory member of the IES’s Sustainable Lighting Committee. This past year Melissa was named one of Lighting Magazine’s top 40 under 40 international lighting designers, joining a select group of talented individuals. In addition to her beautiful design contributions, Melissa is also committed to spreading awareness and educating the industry on the development and specification of luminaires using sustainable and safe materials. Through roundtable discussions and an extensive industry survey, she is dedicated to making a difference. Melissa has taught lighting courses at the Rhode Island School of Design and presents nationally on topics related to lighting, sustainable design, and living.

St. Paul’s School Projects Receives 2020 AIA New Hampshire Merit Award!

The Friedman Community Center, designed by Ann Beha Architects, is the recipient of a 2020 AIA New Hampshire Design Award. The project provides spaces for gathering, performances, student organizations and serves as a new campus landmark.

For more information and to hear ABA’s Senior Associate, Jason Bowers discuss the project click here


The Skating Club of Boston Updates Its Look

"The Skating Club of Boston continues its century-long run in new facility while continuing to support figure skaters." 

As New England’s premier skating destination this project includes a new 180,000 SF state-of-the-art training facility and performance center. The center includes three ice rinks for the Skating Club of Boston as well as events ranging from Olympic qualifying, ISU, and theatrical shows. The facility also includes lounges, offices, a library and academic center, off-ice training studio, physical therapy suite and exam rooms.

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New Seaport Condo Featured in Boston Magazine

"The architecture is neutral, in colors reminiscent of the water and surroundings, but we [wanted to] play with texture and reflections [to give] it an undertone of energy," Patrick Planeta says.

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Congratulations Kranti Sala for earning WELL Accreditation

Kranti joined SFIL in 2016. Since then she has served as a lighting designer for academic buildings, commercial offices, fitness centers and hospitality spaces. Congratulations Kranti for earning your WELL Accreditation! 

The Lowell Justice Center is Featured in GB&D Magazine

“Green building is on the rise in and around Boston, and the region is now set to have the state’s first LEED Platinum-certified courthouse.”

This 265,000 SF public facility houses 17 courtrooms, offices, a service center and law library, but it is much more than your typical courthouse. It is a thoughtfully designed public space that reflects the rich history of this textile and mill community while being environmentally responsible. The use of natural materials from local sources and integration of public art help enrich the goal of creating a calming environment. This new courthouse offers both a beautiful and sustainable design solution to the public realm. 

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The Whitney Hotel Awarded a 2020 Boston Preservation Alliance Award

The Whitney Hotel, designed by Hacin + Associates has been awarded a 2020 Preservation Achievement Award from the Boston Preservation Alliance. This project blends new and old and includes the restored and renovated John Jefferies House and a new addition along Charles Street.

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PTC Featured in in LD+A Magazine

PTC’s new global headquarters, designed by Margulies Perruzzi is featured on the cover of the May 2020  issue of LD+A. The cutting-edge oval building shape presented layout challenges, solved with a completely customized solution of two rows of curvilinear direct/indirect LED pendants, representing forward motion and embracing the architectural form.

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Pope Francis Prep School Receives Outstanding Project Award!

The Pope Francis Preparatory School, designed by CBT has been recognized with an Outstanding Project Award in the Spring 2020 Learning by Design Architectural Award Showcase!

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Melissa Mattes, Class of 2020 Top 40 Under 40 Lighting Designers!

After a global search, Melissa Mattes, Associate IALD, LEED Green Associate has been included in Lighting Magazine’s prestigious 2020 Top 40 under 40 list of international lighting designers! Melissa has been a Lighting Designer at Sladen Feinstein since 2015, leading award-winning indoor and outdoor public spaces as well as hospitality and residential projects. Beyond designing, Melissa also teaches a lighting design course for RISD’s CE Interior Design program; presents at industry conferences and events; and continues to encourage and advise on sustainable design and living.

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Light Lechmere, SFIL Receives Honorable Mention

We are excited to receive 'Honorable Mention' for the international design competition "Light Lechmere" hosted by Light Boston. Our design respected the architecture of
the Lechmere Viaduct while embracing shadows and movement.

50-60 Binney Street Featured in Architect Magazine

"This small but important project links two streets and serves as a public gateway to a new science and technology campus. The Architect’s vision for the corridor was to express the tension of two buildings coming together. The “ceiling fracture,” a custom lighting feature that spans nearly 200 feet, runs through the corridor and acts as a fault line, creating a statement and drawing the public through the entire space."

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Boston City Hall Council Chambers Featured in Architect Magazine

The revitalization of the Council Chambers' original Brutalist interior respects the architecture and restores the original design intent with today’s standards and technology.

To read the full article click here

Back Bay Townhouse Featured in Boston Magazine

"A playfully grand Back Bay townhouse designed by Catherine Truman Architects is full of treasures hidden in plain view."

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