University of Massachusetts, Fine Arts Center Bridge

Amherst, MA

As part of the University’s efforts to revitalize Brutalist structures, this 25,000 SF renovation of a former windowless hallway has transformed the space into an engaging and collaborative arts center for the Department of Art, Music, Dance and Theater. Elevated four stories above ground with the same section throughout, the design incorporates color and lighting moments to separate spaces and provide wayfinding. Lighting was also used to accent and reactivate the former corridor, with fixtures strategically selected and placed to reinforce entry points, program, and enhance student learning. Pools of light at the continuous skylight celebrate the integrity of the original architectural design and create rhythm throughout the concourse. To learn more about this project click here


This project is yet another example of the University of Massachusetts’ commitment to adaptive re-use and carbon mitigation. To reinforce this commitment, energy-efficient and LED lighting was used throughout the project.