John Hancock Fitness Center

Boston, MA

This project is part of a larger multi-phased project accommodating relocated employees and includes a new three-level fitness center, doubling the size of the previous one. Each floor of the fitness center is designated to a specific type of exercise and includes a yoga studio, serenity spaces, locker rooms, a sauna, and a virtual room to take online classes. The bottom floor is designated for free weight areas and high intensity workouts and can be seen from a balcony above. A communicating staircase traverses the three levels.


In order to save waste and money due to a tight budget, the client requested that the lighting designer use existing, unused lighting fixtures from previous capital improvement projects. This required that about 30% of the installed fixtures used on this project were creatively re-purposed from this stock.

2021 IES Merit Award
2021 IES Section Award, Honorable Mention

Dyer Brown

Dish Design