Harvard University Houghton Library

Cambridge, MA

The historic Houghton Library houses the University’s extensive rare books and manuscripts collection. Located in Harvard Yard, this project has elevated the library’s on-campus presence and established it as an accessible space for scholars and visitors. The 5,000 SF renovation integrated dark-sky compliant exterior lighting at the new accessible entrance as well as interior lighting in the lobby, reconfigured and modernized reading room and relocated and expanded cloakroom. In the iconic oval lobby, the cove was carefully cleaned to accentuate the original cold cathode tubular lighting, designed over 25 years ago by Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC. The reading room features carefully integrated LED fixtures into new HVAC ductwork as originally designed. In the cloakroom, strategically placed direct/indirect LED surface mounts and sconces enhance this low-ceiling space, at the basement level.


Annum Architects

Peter Vanderwarker

2022  Paul & Niki Tsongas Award, Preservation Massachusetts