About Us

We’re more than architectural lighting designers.

Integrating positive culture with world-class expertise.

From the people we hire to the perspectives we share, Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting values individuality and diversity: we believe that different, even opposing, points of view spark the best solutions. This vision of open dialogue and collaboration started in 2001 with founders Josh Feinstein and Jeffrey Sladen and now extends to a team that includes partners Julie Rose, an award-winning designer and teacher, Reiko Kagawa, who was named one of Lighting Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 International Lighting Designers, and Ben Strauss, a leader in design innovation and technology integration.

As the “fourth dimension” of the three-dimensional design ideal, we breathe life into spaces not just through decades of creative and technical skill and experience but through the power of effective communication. We welcome the opportunity to reflect your vision through an enlightened process, anchored by passion for what we do, empathy for who we serve, and complete harmony with the world that surrounds us.

Fusing innovation with purpose.

The “wow” factor is rarely the result of playing it safe—that’s where a trusted partner comes in, one with a “do no harm” environmental approach and a deep understanding of your sensibility, budget, and needs. We value different opinions, and we thrive on the divergent thinking needed to meet a variety of end-user requirements, ever-changing standards, and your toughest design challenges.

Seeing every project in a different light.

Each project is unique and so are our tailored, customized solutions. What is consistent is our method and collaborative approach to resolving complex design issues and delivering the best possible outcome:

  • A Principal is always involved and available, working in partnership with the proposed lighting designer and technical support staff.
  • You’ll be provided with design options that evaluate aesthetics, performance, environmental impact, and maintenance.
  • During every phase of the project, we perform in-house reviews using computer models, mock-ups, and photometric analyses.
  • We regularly engage in site visits, virtual and face-to-face meetings, and prompt discussion, ready to answer questions and offer clarification as needed.

Ultimately, our work will enhance the design vision and stay within your budget, while providing comfort and support for the end user.